Electronic Cigarettes

There is a new means of getting your nicotine fix available, that you have most likely heard of – electronic cigarettes. (At this point you’d have to be living under a rock to not have at least heard of them). We will help you find the best electronic cigarette brands by reviewing some of the top companies in 2015.

Many individuals are very enthusiastic about this means of nicotine delivery, as it is not smoking, but is very similar. It is missing a few of the things that people can’t stand about traditional cigarettes, such as the high cost, and the ash tray smell. The one thing they are not lacking is nicotine delivery, and in fact, you have a choice in the strength, and you could potentially have more nicotine in an e-cig as opposed to an analogue (traditional) cigarette.

There’s a few aspects which the vaping public absolutely loves about these devices. At the same time, it is still a relatively new product, and all the effects, whether good or bad, are yet to be known, as research is conducted to find out.

There is some urgency into this, because of the massive success and popularity of vapor devices, and they are for obvious reasons being continually compared to tobacco cigarettes, and the jury is still out as to the consensus of the long term impacts and side effects of vaping.

That being said, there are a few things that we do know about them.

Best E Cigarette Brands – Check Our Reviews

We have tested and tried all of the top brands, so we have good data to help provide the best e cig brands that are currently out in 2015. Companies like Vaporfi, Green Smoke, V2 Cigs & South Beach Smoke top our list, but there are plenty of other good brands to choose from. We recommend that you checkout our individual reviews of each company to see which is best for you.

Name-brand e cigs have their detractors for sure. There are plenty of companies that carry generic, low-priced kits with DSE, 510 kits, or KR808D threading. Many consumers will also tell you that there is no substitute for a company providing rewards, guarantees, support, and discounts for their brand-name products.


Many of the top e cig brands from the United States have made their way to different parts of the world. Besides the best brands (those rated the highest by consumers and reviewers) loads of other names have inspired more than five years of vaping joy for former smokers.

They were once in the top 5 and might now even make it to the top 10. Volcano, V2 cigs, White Cloud, Eversmoke, VaporFi, Bull Smoke, and others are all good brands. Triple Seven, Cigavette, Volt, and Square Cig are pretty good products. They just don’t find their way to the top five.

The Top E Cig Brands

Apollo, Green Smoke, Atlantic Cigs, Halo, and South Beach Smoke currently top the charts as the best electronic cigarette brands overall. They have their good and bad points, but when it comes to performance, flavor, and reliability, they deserve respect.

All but Green Smoke provide at least 2 levels of vaping enjoyment. Green Smoke is one of the few companies still not selling blank cartomizers, clearomizers, eGo batteries, or e liquid. Halo makes one of the best e liquids sold in America today: Purity.

South Beach Smoke released 4 vaporizers to accompany their mini cig line. Atlantic Cigs makes sleek batteries, attractive e liquid flavors, and an automatic eGo. At Apollo, their mini cig system is eclipsed by advanced Kanger-style batteries and tanks.

Green Smoke


This company continues to promote the environmentally friendly image of vaping to smokers and those who aren’t sure about e cigs yet.

Cartomizers are perhaps their biggest selling point. Each one is triple-sealed for freshness and customers frequently comment on how good they taste.

With just 7 flavors, they are not blowing people away with variety, but those choices continue to wow the vaping world.


Adding EVOD style batteries to their starter kit line up, Apollo showed they are interested in competing with the likes of VaporFi when it comes to intermediate e cig technology.

Their e liquid line is made in the USA, and although they only sell 2 flavors of pre-filled cartomizers for their manual or automatic batteries, numerous fruit, tobacco, and sweet styles are ready to fill blanks or clearomizers. Apollo has also been in operation for a long time and shows no sign of slowing down.


The best thing about Halo could be their Triton Tank System.

G6 mini cig kits are excellent too, but vapers rave about the Triton’s virtually indestructible build.

Purity e liquids are made using USP bases and frequently incorporate tobacco, targeting the mature ex-smoker with gourmet leanings. Their colors are stunning too.

South Beach Smoke

Vapers have been enthralled with South Beach Smoke e cigs since the earliest signs of celebrity support on late night talk shows.

They have graduated, like a lot of their clients, to vaporizers but have not left the cigalike format behind.

Theirs remains possibly the best mini cig battery on the market with the longest life per charge and their vapor production is excellent. These days, though, vapers are invited to own a Storm, Curve, Air, or Thunder vaporizer or to mix parts from all 4 to create a customized kit.

Atlantic E Cigs


As the baby of the group, Atlantic has big shoes to fill.

They have surpassed other major brands to find their way into one of the top spots.

Lovely liquids like Glasgow Black Tea probably have something to do with it. So does their innovative automatic 650-mAh eGo battery.

You don’t have to switch over to the manual style just because mini cigs lost their appeal. Another great feature is that Portal mini tanks are color coded according to compatible brands like the ones above and many others.

Nicotine Purge

For one thing, they allow vapers to inhale as much nicotine as before. A few products featuring more than 4% nicotine, but most carry up to 2.4%.

As time goes on, vapers toy with the idea of reducing nicotine. Nicotine can be deadly to certain people. Reactions include feeling jittery, changes in mood, sleep patterns, and appetite.

You know when you can’t do without a substance that it’s changing your brain chemistry the way any drug does whether it’s heroin, nicotine, or caffeine. Nicotine withdrawal causes some people to feel physically sick.

It’s possible to reduce nicotine slowly with e cigs. The usual increment is 8 mg per ml, but e liquids come in even smaller increments: 2 mg or 3 mg in some cases. Eventually, an ex-smoker can eliminate nicotine completely from his life by choosing from our list of the best electronic cigarette brands.

Vaping, Not Smoking

The term you use as an e cig user is “vaping” because you don’t inhale smoke. You inhale vapor. Try a disposable e cig, tobacco or menthol, from a garage or corner store costing anything from $4 to $11.

Borrow a vaping pen from a friend or relative. Start small before you invest in a bundle of chargers and batteries. Brands aren’t all interchangeable, so it’s best to find exactly the right design, feel, and flavors using one-time e cigs as a starting point.



Soon you are ready to buy an e cig bundle. Contents include rechargeable batteries, chargers, and atomized cartridges of e liquid. The battery triggers a coil to heat up, like a coil on your stove top.

Often, you customize to some extent: select a battery size, color, or format (automatic or manual) and flavors of cartomizers. Manual batteries start heating up when you press a button. Automatic ones heat up when you draw on the end so they always remain on stand-by.

A typical selection of flavors for new vapers includes at least one menthol/mint, one or more tobacco styles, vanilla, chocolate, coffee, and a fruit or two. Quality two-battery kits start at $30 and go up to $55, but you should be able to find a reliable model for around $45. Look at White Cloud, Halo, Apollo, and Volcano for inspiration.

Taking Charge

When you smoked, it was easy: light up and puff, light up and puff. You have to recharge e cig batteries. One of them must always be in the charger because they run out of power in as little as 2 hours. Remain prepared and you won’t be left without an e cig, suddenly desperate for a smoke. It’s important that you pick one of the top e cig brands so that you get the highest quality.

Ego Cigs

The next class of e cig is an eGo named for the first of its kind made by JoyeTech. It’s like a manual mini cig but thicker and longer. While the power rating for a cigalike is usually up to 280 mAh, eGos start at 350 mAh with a more conventional low of 650 mAh and a high of 1600 mAh. Vape for half a day or maybe two full days if the charge is full.

If holding a metal pen and puffing is still odd for you, an eGo will be too big. Even with their stylized mouthpieces that are comfortable between your lips, it takes time to adapt. Be patient with yourself and start by reserving eGos for home and using cigalikes in public.

American firms like Volcano, South Beach Smoke, Halo, and Apollo all make their own types of eGo-style e cigs. You might also want to trust Innokin, JoyeTech, and Kanger; Chinese manufacturers trusted by countless vape vendors.

Advancements in Vaping

If you find even eGos are failing to satisfy your curiosity or need for power, think about taking a step forward. The buttons on Advanced Personal Vaporizers are there to give you control over the amount of vapor you produce and the warmth or smoothness of vapor in your mouth. They allow a user to change atomizer resistance according to the power output of a device. As devices become really advanced, it’s possible to push resistance so low it’s almost zero.

Confidence as a Vaper

It might be time for a variable voltage/variable wattage vaporizer. These are made by VaporFi, Kanger, Sigelei, JoyeTech, Innokin, and others. The range can be minimal: just up to 11 watts or 6 volts.

Your resistance might still be around 1 ohm. Start small and learn about the way these devices operate, asking questions and exploring the risks. If a product is going to get really hot, make sure there are fail-safes which turn it off before an expensive piece of equipment melts or even catches fire.

Will your atomizer be protected against a shorted circuit? Is there reverse battery protection? Innokin is an excellent brand for someone at the high-intermediate to low-advanced stage. Their many variable power devices include the Cool Fire, VV V3.0 Express, and MVP.

Devices for Advancement

Today’s hottest items are variable watt mods, often in box shape, like the iTaste MVP but bigger and more powerful. They contain protective chips, feature bright LED screens, and their buttons allow you to change voltage or wattage through a much bigger range than usual. Sigelei and Pioneer4You have both developed 150W box mods for 0.2-ohm atomizers and cloud chasing capabilities. They are excellent for use with RDAs and for dripping vegetable glycerin-only juices the average atomizer cannot handle.

Other notable brands making VW mods are Cloupor, SmokTech, ELeaf, and VaporFi. Many small companies are building limited edition box mods, some covered in hand-carved wood or ornately machined metal. Making DIY box mods is a possibility for vapers with electronics experience.

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