The Top 3 E-liquid Pens

There are lots of pen-style batteries you buy independently from clearomizers and tanks, such as the Innokin iTaste VV4, Vision II, and Nanchaku. A number of mods are tube-shaped but not really pen-like because they are too wide at 19 mm and more. They feature screens too and aren’t as discrete as these little eGo-style devices. The following three vape pens are kits with an e-liquid tank or clearomizer and battery plus chargers. They come from the industry’s top names too, all of them Chinese.

1. Innokin CLK


These are attractive pens sold in several colors which combine the Innokin CLK with a dainty Innokin iClear 16 clearomizer. Make the most out of your e-juice and purchase a user-friendly one-button system with 800mAh battery power for several hours of vapor enjoyment. To re-charge, just plug a cord between the micro-port on one side and USB power source. A battery-light indicator tells you when your battery is getting low on voltage. This is a stylish pen, but don’t be fooled by looks: it really performs.

2. Kanger EVOD 2

Kanger EVOD 2

Accept no pretenders; insist on purchasing an authentic Kanger EVOD 2 from a participating retailer. Though many manufacturers copy the style, a real Kanger EVOD 2 is better. The authentic device features regulated 3.7V output for long-lasting battery power and consistent performance, from first puff to last. The single on-off button is set right against the frame so it does not stick out and spoil the smooth finish of your battery. Another bonus is that it won’t be pressed by mistake. A bottom coil produces loads of vapor and can also be replaced, helping vapers work within a budget. A 650mAh rechargeable cell operates for half a day once charged and is compatible with other Kanger clearomizers besides the matching 1.6-ml EVOD device such as a Protank. The two EVOD 2 parts go so nicely together, however, especially when they are color coordinated. They share the same diameter after all and a covered e-juice tube promotes a pen-like appearance.

3. JoyeTech eGo Tank Kit

JoyeTech eGo Tank Kit

This slender eGo-type vape pen from top manufacturer Joye comes with a covered 1.2-ml tank (worth several hours of vaping once full) and two 1000mAh batteries. This is the original Joye eGo style in black; so easy for new vapers to use or as an upgrade from the mini cig format. Even advanced vapers sometimes like to have one of these simple manual systems hanging around while their bigger mods are recharging or for a laid-back vape break. The battery is lockable. Low resistance coil replacements are available and run somewhat hotter than higher resistance coils. There is a 2-ml Mega Tank too. Your kit comes with two batteries, two tanks and atomizers, 5 tank cartridges, a USB charger, wall adapter, and pouch.

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